New Year

Hustle, Bustle, on Chinese New Year,
Look how everyone is full of cheer.

Knock knock on friends door,
It’s the time to visit them all.

Knock knock on Lion’s door,
“Roar, roar,
what’s this visit for?”

“To wish you strong,
to wish you fast,
And always be
our king of forest.”

Knock knock on Penguin’s door,
“Achoo, achoo,
what’s this visit for?”

“To give you health,
 To give you luck,
And a strong body,
That never gets sick.”

Knock knock on Piggie’s door
“Oink, Oink
what’s this visit for?”

“To wish you well,
to wish you happy.
And have a sweet home
That always stay cozy.”

Knock knock on Linlin’s door
“Hi, hi,
I didn’t expect you all.”

“We wish you smart,
we wish you clever.
And have friends like us
 who stays forever.”

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